e-Card Plug-and-Play

e-Card is an integrated circuit that is intended to securely store system data and its related ID code. e-Card is plug-and-play when replacing or adding new transmitter.


Breathable Enclosure

Both transmitter & receiver made by fiberglass and use PTFE membrane (breathable but repelling the liquid water) for quick equilibrium of pressure to reduce stress on enclosure seal when using outdoor.


Security Enhanced against radio attacker

 Advanced real time Security Random Code (SRC) preventing unauthorized operation. 



Powerful software provides great flexibility to meet most of industrial applications. Rangergo is available on Android (smartphone) and Windows.


TR1 transmitter works as duplicator of e-Card

Synchronize e-card instantly on site without extra device require.


TDFS Technology

Teleranger Dynamic Frequency Selection automatically select frequency channel with low interference levels for operating.


Enhanced signal range and stability (Internal antenna)

TR1 intelligently strengthens radio connectivity using TDFS technology. This ensures extended coverage and enhanced stability.


Adjustable operating range

Transmitter emission power adjustable for extending battery life.


Battery Power

Use AA size Alkaline or rechargeable battery is acceptable. TR1 also uses RCR-V3 lithium rechargeable battery as an option.


Patented Receiver

Large LED power indicator enhanced visibility. Easy disassembly receiver for service (PCB module fix on the upper housing). 


Relay module Expansion

Add extra relay module when need.


Super Surge Protection (Switching Power Supply)

Protection against lightning and unstable power source on site.